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Engraved Plaques

They are finally here, new engraved plaques to catch that trophy memory at a much better price than a fish or deer mount. No longer will you have to figure out or argue with the better half where your are going to hang your trophy catch. Fast tourn around time, 5 to 7 days vs 6 months to a year. Sizes are from 5x7 to 12x15. Just send a picture and you are on your way. Get yours today, check out sizes and price in the Smalljaw Tackle Shop!

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They're Here!!!!

Most of you saw and read the review on the New Fenwick Smallmouth Elite Tech Series Rods. I have been looking for a rod that was everything we look and feel for with most expensive rods, but one that was affordable with the same results. Fenwick has done it. A complete 9 series ros selection specific to smallmouth. Light weight, strong backbone to set the hook in deep water, make log cast and a fast tip that has forgiveness in the tip to not break 8 to 10 pound line with a strong hook set. But most improtant not to break the average mans pocket. This rod is perfect lengths and actions for the 1/4 oz 3 inch finesse swim bait bite. This rod retails at just 129.00 and you can be the first in the south to purchase this rod. Click here to order or check out the tackle shop to the left. Purchase


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