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2011 Smalljaw night tournament championship

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The 2011 Smalljaw Night Tournament champions were crowned at Horse Creek Resort Saturday night after two nights of fishing and Ellis (Pillroller) Bevil & Jamie (Tnbronzeback) Lawson came out on top winning by less than a half-pound. They held off second-place finishers Pate (Plang) Langley and Bill (Bhaunert) Haunert by the slim margin to win a total of $680. Pillroller and Tn's total of 8.79 pounds handed them the first-place purse worth $525, but they also took home additional cash over the weekend.Their bag was made up of two fish under 16 inches long--one of which tipped the scales at 2.11 pounds netting them $50 for the first-night 'big under,' and a 4.07-pound 21-incher the first night giving them half the 'big fish' award worth $105, but their small under the second night made all the difference allowing them to hold on to the win.

Plang and Bhaunert also weighed in a total of four fish, but their three 'unders' were just a bit lighter than the champions' small fish leaving them with a total of 8.35 pounds--which was enough to notch them the runner-up spot worth $315. The first night they matched the winners' big fish (4.07 pounds) handing them the other half of the award ($105) and they had a small fish to go with it. Saturday night a pair of 'unders,' including a 2.02-pounder that tied for second-night 'big under' ($25), carried them up the leaderboard.

D.J. (DJfishing) Brown and Dustin (newland.dustin) Newland took the final paid position with a total of 7.74 pounds--made up of two 'unders' Friday night and an 'over' Saturday night. Their third-place total won them $210 and the lone Saturday night big fish tipping the scales at 3.92 pounds allowed them to pocket an additional $210.

Fourth place and a pair of cap lights donated by guide Greg (Bris) Brisendine went to Nick Haunert and Andrew (Ahaunert) Haunert. They finished with 6.16 pounds made up of a four-fish limit of smallmouth under 16 inches long, including a 2.02-pounder that tied for Saturday night's 'big under' award worth $25.

Brandon (starvingfisherman) Cross and Steve (fisherman) Smith rounded out the top five with four 'unders' weighing a total of 5.71 pounds and the rest of the top 10 were as follows:

6th: Adam (adammilitana) and Gary Militana (garymilitana) with four fish weighing 4.49 pounds,

7th: Chris Robinson (robo1) and Danny (Dannyboy) Richardson with two fish weighing 3.66 pounds,

8th: Jerry (Pork) York and Benny (Beans) Beazley with two fish weighing 3.45 pounds,

9th: John and Stephanie Brown (Brown Hair Jig) with two fish weighing 3.24 pounds, and

10th: Matt (Mbris) Brisben and Matt Chioudi with three fish weighing 3.21 pounds.

A half-dozen other teams carried fish to the scales to account for a total of 42 smallmouth weighed in by the 21-boat field, with three over the 21-inch mark on display. Bris measured, weighed, and released all 42 of the fish and those in attendance thanked him for his efforts. Smalljaw founder Andrew (arsmallie) Robertson graciously donated a pair of the new Smalljaw series fishing rods for a drawing, along with several other Smalljaw.com products. Tony (tjs smallie) Jones walked away with the spinning rod, while Greg (Slow Rollin) Paschal carried home the casting rod. Andrew Haunert was also the lucky winner of an interior light set donated by Michael Scot (Scot Ortwein) Ortwein of Nighfishion fishing light company and another was donated to the winner. He also gave all participants free livewell lights. All competitors carried home door prizes. Besides the ones from Robertson, Ortwein, and Brisendine--Big Hammer, Terry (thobbs3) Hobbs, Jerry York, and Horse Creek anted up donations. Horse Creek also offered their appreciation to the group for their continued support and all participants are already looking forward to next year.

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